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Jun 11, 2010
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I'm a seasoned beer brewer and am looking to try my second batch of wine. The jury is still out on the first batch. Can someone recommend a kit? I'd like something that doesn't take too long.
If you're looking for a quick kit take a look at any of the four week kits that sound good to you. This is a good way to start out and get some bottled before moving uo to the better kits. Many of the four weeks ones also taste very good.
What was your first batch and do you drink red or white ? Knowing these will be helpful to helping you .
my first batch was a Winexpert CHILEAN CABERNET SAUVIGNON, started on 11/06/09 and bottled on 1/30/10. It gave off a rotten egg odor (it filled the room) when fermenting, which I don't know if it was normal or not. Beer never does this. I cracked open a bottle 2 weeks ago and it tasted like a not so good Cabernet Sauvignon, due to an extra odd flavor. I was thinking of doing a white wine, like a Riesling. Do Riesling's take a long time?
I haven't done a riesling but I've done an australian chardonnay from WineXpert and it was good stuff, quick to drinkability too. And I don't even like chardonnay usually!

reds do benefit from aging. i made the WE chianti as my first wine, and it was very 'floral' at first, but at 6 months it was great. didn't degas well enough so I just pour into a caraf, then pour glasses.