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Mar 14, 2017
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I have been making wine from a Festa kit for 3 years. Just found a place in Bethpage NY that sells both fresh juice and grapes. They rent destemmers and crushers or you can do it on premises and take home your juice.

The person helping me there told me that when you buy fresh juice or crush your own grapes it is much different that the Festa kit.He said that there is no need to add yeast, clarifier or potassium metasulfite. Pretty much just take the juice home and keep it warm for a few months to let it ferment.

Can one of you direct me to a step by step on how to make wine from grapes.

Questions that come to mind immediately are:
How long to keep the skins in the juice?
Do I add yeast?
Do i need a clarifier to coagulate the sediment?
Do I add sulfites to preserve the wine?
Do I add Malic acid nutrients?

This is a whole new ball game from Festa juice. I thought I was making wine but now feel like a poser.


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Aug 3, 2016
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Dawsonville Georgia
This is a huge question. First of all lucky you!

I recommend you go to and check out their instructions for making a red or white. Here is the link to the red instructions.

You could probably make wine from the wild yeast on those grapes, but you won't be able to control quality and will probably end up with disappointing results. You want to learn to balance the must/juice.

Also you are not a poser! I make wine from everything even dandelions. You have made wine that was drinkable - great now you are advancing improving your art.