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Jun 24, 2015
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So you've patiently waited for your wine to be finished, and now you're ready to bottle your wine. But how do you bottle your wine? It's a simple process, but just like before, you need to be careful not to introduce spoilage factors or too much oxygen in doing so.
First Thing's First, Preparation

Wine: First you want to assure that your wine is fully fermented and stable (completely finished fermenting), fined for heat and cold stability, and racked from lees (dead yeast cells) and sediment.

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Feb 8, 2016
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Thanks for the link to the article.

I find it interesting your suggestion for a half-dose of KMS at bottling (which isn't noted in or supplied with any kit). I have, lately, been doing a 1/4tsp per batch near bottling time in hopes that it'll help protect the wine as well - but I think it would be in the kitmaker's interest to have it as a footnote to help keep the wine.

I really like the pictures of the simple winerack. It's so beautiful in its simplicity.

But your note on washing bottles: I've seen a few different iterations and I wonder why you recommend the double-sterilization? My local HBS, when they bottle on premises, does a KMS rinse followed by a water rinse.
While I don't do the water-rinse like my HBS (as it gets rid of the KMS that I want to keep): I don't do both a KMS and star-san.

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