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Feb 15, 2007
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Hello Everyone,
I've got a pretty good credit at a wine and beer supply house and thought
I'd go ahead and get a good Cab to round out my reds.
Selection Estate has two; the Lodi Ranch Cab and the Sonoma Valley Cab.
The question for all you veterans of the SE kits: is one better than the other?
Has anybody made either of these in the past and had the time to see how
they mature? Pros and Cons of northern Cal and central valley Cabs?
I have to place an order tomorrow to get on next weeks truck, so any feed back
would help.
I havent made either, but I am on great terms with local fop and have tasted both, It is a personal tast thing because I liked the Lodi but my ex liked the Sonoma valley
I made the Woodbridge Ranch Cab which I think came from the same region as the Lodi Ranch. It was an excellent wine. I have never been let down by any of the Estate Series WE wines.
Thanks everyone, I think I'm going with the Lodi this time.
And I've checked out the Heron Bay, might try that next year.
I think you made a good choice. A lot of wineries around me here in NorCal feature an Old Vine Zin from Lodi (that's only one Valley over from me :h). Every one I've had was great. What I've heard at those wineries is that those old vines typically yield less juice but have a better flavor (not to everyone of course).

Lodi has (I think) California's oldest vines. Many over 100 years old!

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