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Jul 22, 2010
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Hello all. I'm new to the forum and new to wine making. I have made one batch from a kit which is now aging and am in the middle of my first batch from fruit - frozen strawberries. The stawberry wine is my "experiment" to work out the bugs and learn before I move on to more. I have searched the threads and found a lot on stabilizing but still not answered my specific question. My question is WHEN to stabilize with sorbate and K-meta? I will be transfering the wine to the secondary soon. Do I stabilize then (I wouldn't think so), at the first racking, after rackings have cleared the wine???
Thanks in advance.
Making wine from fruit ia a little different than kits.
remove the fruit pulp around 1.015-1.020.
Some (me) rack when its around 1.010 others let it go dry .990.
Either way if you rack like me let it go dry ck readings 3 days in a row. If no change it should be around .990. Then add 1/4tsp of k-metaand 3 tsp of sorbate for SIX gallons. If you are making a f-pac add now. If not add clearing agents.