When do limited edition kits come out?

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Sep 1, 2008
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Not sure whether this is the right place to post this, but I figure it's broader than just the Winexpert kits, so I'll try here. I ordered a couple of WE limited edition kits, including one that releases in January. I'm wondering whether they usually release these and other annual small quantities kits at the beginning of the month or midway or what. Anybody know? It's my first experience with these. Thanks.

Each company usually releases a wine a month for the first few months but sometimes they release a few at a time.

I suspect that availability at a specific retailer varies depending on their order schedule. Last year was my first experience with WE LE kits, and I received them them at the start of the month (or end of previous month). The retailer I used orders from WE pretty much every week, and I suspect that the orders are sent to get the LE kits as soon as possible.

But thats in Canada. Orders to the US distributors might take longer to reach them, and then to head out to the individual retailers.

They told us the middle to end of the month for the Jan one .
They told us the middle to end of the month for the Jan one .
Your retailer should know best. Manufacturer/distributor's time table, their order/delivery schedule.

When I ran a small LHBS (ordering every 3-4 weeks), I tried to plan orders for about a week after the advertised availability date, just to allow a small buffer in case the product was delayed.

I should have mentioned I ordered the kits online from Northern Brewer. There is only one wine and beer supply place around here, and they don't carry and can't even order WE stuff.

I got the call this afternoon saying our kit is in already :D
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Picked mine up yesterday and started it after supper ,I tasted a drop of the juice from the bag before I threw it out man it was good makes me even more excited about this wine .As a personal choice I didn't put the oak chips in because I don't like the oak in any wine . Don't know why but it triggered 2 migraines so not worth it for me ,figure it must be something they add to the wood .
I dont think that they add anytning to the wood, maybe the added tannins trigger something in you or maybe you have some allergy issue to white oak! I know my daughter was tested last year and they found she had allergy issues to White Oak and Poplar, the 2 woods I use most in my everyday job all day long! :re

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