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Sep 18, 2009
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I made 2 WE kits; Australian Cab, and Australian Shiraz. Bottled them Sunday. My final SG's were .996 & .997 respectively. The problem is, it's been about 3 months since I took the initial SG's, and I have cleaned & rearranged my office twice since then, & cannot find my records :d

Is there a "typical" initial SG for these two kits, if the directions are strictly followed?


if you email WE's support they'll let you know. you may have to provide the box codes.
a good trick is to use an oaktag shipping tag card with the strings on it, they're about 4.75x2.3", avery model# 11005.

tie that to the fermenter, move it to the carboy, etc. write down your dates and readings on that so it is always with the wine itself. WE kits, the box code label is removable, peel and stick it on the back of the card too so you have that should anything happen and you need to reference it.

i find this much easier than a notebook or other method that keeps the records away from the wine.

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