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Feb 2, 2009
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I bottled up 2.5 gallons of Pear Anise Maderia fresh out of the Estufa. Put a new batch in. It is from a Mulled Elderberry batch. Then bottled the remainder. I was grinnin. Everything was Cool. Then I went to rack a batch of Peach and one of Blackberry Aughhhhhhhhhhh. Hydrogen Sulfide. The peach is bad and the Blackberry not quite so. But still there.
I think I know the error of my ways. Last week I was going to rack them both and found the lees without a real good stratification. The Peach was cloudy for half of the carboy with very little firm sediment on the bottom. So I decided to just degass and wait to do it this weekend. I pulled gas off of the peach for almost 20 mins. and half that long on the blackberry. The sediments settled out nicely this week. Both are still fermenting a little. The taste last week was just about what I would have expected. I left a couple of small glass of the wine on the window sill last night. The peach has just a slight smell this AM and no off smell to the blackberry. Both taste OK.
I splash racked the peach last night and again this AM. And splashed the blackberry this AM.
Question here is if Hydrogen Sulfide is a desolved gas, can I pull it out with my vacume pump? Also knowing that splashing tends to lead to Oxidation, Would pulling a 20 lb vacum help this as well? I am just sick about this.
Through searching threads here and looking at all of my books, I see that using copper can have some benifits. I don't think I am willing to put copper sulfate in solution. But what about this stuff about stiring with a copper pipe of maiking a whisk out of copper wire? Also instead of actually splashing it back and forth, could I reverse my pump and put in a bubbleing tube?
I used a Lavin K1-116 Montpellier yeat and I used 2 tsp nutrient along with all of the normal stuff. I did use a larger dose of Peptic Enzyme 8 tsp.
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The copper does work as does splash racking. When you degassed did you also add sulfite? Im not crazy about the idea of reversing your pump as you will be introducing anything in your pump system into your wine.
re: 'splash racking' and oxidation:

My understanding is that the o2 introduced through splash-racking is destined to bind with the h2s you're trying to get rid of.

That the normally bad affects of o2 are mitigated by the presence of h2s.
Alrighty then. Stiring the wine with the copper pipe. How long and how vigorisly? Will I be able to detect the change?
I would like to thank BobF and Wade for the help in saving these two batches of wine. Did both the splashing and stirring with copper. All seems OK now.

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