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Sep 1, 2008
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Good morning all, I have been wondering just what is the best wine any of you have ever made before and where did you get the juce. I have made 90 bottles in the past but did not have very good sucess with the out come. It tasted like I had cleaned car engine parts with this wine. I love the idea of making my own, if for nothing else the cost saving. So I am wanting some input from others that have had scuess. So maybe I can try again and like what I have produced. I tend to like the Cabernet Sauvignons best but like the Sauvigon Blanc all most as well. Thanks so much for your help. Dave
One of my all-time favorite is elderberry made from fresh picked and then frozen elderberries. A port style red wine.

For whites one of my best is Elderflower. Again fresh picked
flower petals.

For store bought materials:

My best white is apple-peach from store bought juice.

For Blush wines my best is strawberry. I make it from jam.


you seem to have two questions here.

1. my best wine - German Gewurztraminer is our fave, but many other really good ones

2. a suggestion for your next one - to properly answer this, I need to know where you live roughly (complete the location field in the control panel) and whether you wish to buy a wine kit or use juices or fruit (eg grapes)

It would also be interesting to learn how you made the existing 90 bottles.


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