What is the purpose of yeast during maceration?

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Feb 13, 2017
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Hi everyone

So I've been making country wines and regular grape wines for a while now, and I'm just starting out in brewing beer.

It was my understanding that during the maceration period of the fruit, that the yeast, already present in grapes, and intentionally added with country wines such as blackberry is left with the soaking fruit in the must for up to 7 days or so in a bucket with a t-towel over it, after which it is transferred to the demijohn. And this is the way I've always made it and never had any issues.
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Now this vastly differs from the way you approach beer, and yet to me, I can't see any reason for the difference. With beer, you go straight to the demijohn with the wort and yeast, albeit aerated.

I was always told, that during those 7 days, the yeast replicates due to the access to oxygen in the air, and build stronger cell walls. So ignoring the actual maceration of fruit, building up strength in the yeast colony is a good thing, so why not do the same thing with beer?

If maceration is the key activity here, then there is no reason to pitch the yeast until it goes in the demijohn, or just before, so there is clearly a reason for it.


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