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Jan 16, 2013
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I have about 10 Carboys I haven’t used in about 6 years .

I’ve read past posts and it seems like PBW is used to wash . KMeta is used to sanitize .

I plan on using the PBW first followed by Kmeta +Citric Acid

1.What’s the contact time with PBW and do I need to rinse ?

2 . After the PBW I’ll use KMeta +Citric acid. What’s the ratio of K to Citric acid ?
IMO PBW is a cleaner so the contact time is not important as long as the carboy is clean. I've always wanted to but never did determine the proper ratio. What I've been told is the solution should be a pH or 2. I use 2 tbsp of Kmeta and 3 citric to a gallon though I have no idea what the pH is.
PBW is great for dried on deposits. You can use a cheaper cleaner like One Step or B Brite or Oxyclean to wash and then sanitize.
I use either 3/4 or 1 ounce PBW for tough cleaning and leave at least 20 minutes or a couple hours.
I use 100ppm SO2 in 2% w/v tartaric acid to sanitize. This is ~0.75g KMBS and ~57g tartaric acid per US gallon (yes, I know, metric and US gallons... it's what works for me). pH of the final solution should be ~2; be careful because this will liberate a lot of SO2 fumes as you prepare it...

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