wanna get started low on cash!!!!

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Nov 29, 2007
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Im really interestd in wine making but i dont have any money!!!!:eek: What is the cheapest way to high abv wine FAST!!! I have heard useing a balloon on a carlo rossi jug (have plenty of those!;) :p
THANX CHAD (RULES!!) Michaelson!!:cool:
Water, sugar, yeast is all it takes to get a high alc concoction. A hydrometer would be very handy here. Dissolve sugar in water...say 2# sugar to 3/4gal water, check SG, you're looking for about a 1.100 so adjust sugar and water to get this. Sprinkle a pkt of Lalvin 1118 yeast on sugar water and watch it go. In 4-5 days you'll have a 15%alc +/- concoction. To get bombed on a budget that would be the way to go.