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Sep 8, 2009
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A Vintner's Circle has opened recently in Dickson City, PA. Thought I'd drop in to see what it was all about. Turns out it's mainly a FOP operation with minimal supplies. They have about 30 different Wine Expert kits. Original, International, Estate and Island Mists series are all available but that's it. Prices start at $279 to make it there.

The owner was nice enough, even when a woman came in asking to buy wine. When he explained they didn't sell wine she said their website wasn't clear and he should do something about it. :)

Not my thing, but it looks ok for supplies in a pinch or if a person wants to use the FOP services. One thing I noticed...The carboys on the shelves were often filled only to the shoulder, not into the neck. Also many were exposed to light.
This sounds very similar the my LHBS.

Store front is 90% wine kits, with a small shelf of do it yourself supplies. 3/4 of the store is behind a door, with rows upon rows of wine kits that people are paying them to make for them. Cheapest brew on location option is $80 I think. Seems like a silly concept to me.
Wow $279 for the cheapest in an FoP. I used to charge about $60 for a lower end kit, $45 for making it, $5 for corks, $5 for shrinks/labels. Total $105. Taxes on that today would be about $7. If bottles were needed, about $30 plus about $4 tax. Thats less then $150.

Wish I could have charged as much as $200 for that. My bank account would look a lot better today.

Mud: That's about right for a (slighty large) 6 gallon Italian carboy. FoPs (at least in Canada) are not allowed to top up with wine. Also most kits are bottled in 6-8 weeks, so that is not usually an issue.


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