Using Canned Grape Juice?

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Feb 26, 2017
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I am wondering if I can still make wine out of grapes that I turned into juice and canned?

It was the middle of Harvest Season for the garden and I still had lots of jam and my husband thought maybe we could make wine but I did not have time then to investigate what that would take, so I canned it. I figured that way I could make jam or wine.

Did I kill off any good stuff when I canned it or will it be fine, I hate to start the process and find out it will be funky. The grapes were Valiant grapes and I steamed them and then just mushed the grapes in the steamer to get the juice out.
Welcome to WineMakingTalk. No you didn't kill off anything, I believe there are a couple other members who
Can their juice with the idea of making w one at a later date. My personal preference is to freeze the grapes instead of canning.
Yes, freezing would be lots easier but for me in the fall, that is when the chickens, beef, and pigs get butchered plus I might have frozen tomatoes in there lurking for me to catch up and make more sauce. I have 3 freezers and it's not enough. I know, I have a crazy first world problem.

That is great to know. Now I just need to figure out what I need to order. Thank YOU!
Nice problem to have - not enough freezer space. Good luck with the wine sounds like this is your quiet time of the year. :h

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