Used distilled water. What do I do?

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Jul 31, 2008
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I tried making my first batch of wine before reading that using distilled water was bad. What can I do?
ok thanks. It seems to be fermenting really well for only one day but I'm going to put some in just to be safe.
Distilled water is not bad.
It lacks nutrients and minerals which are
very much needed for yeast to reproduce,
and survive.

So indeed do as m_lapaglia suggested and add
DAP (nutrient) and yeast energizer.
Dap alone is not enough as it does not contain minerals

You could try to add some Marmite (available in
groceries over here although I am not sure about
US supply) because that adds vitamin B1 and all
kinds of minerals.

Would a bottled mineral water like Poland Spring conceivably lead to a better product?
Spring water or reverse osmosis water supposedly are better then distilled water. I have heard that any water that you like to drink is OK. Since I don't like the taste of distilled water I won't use it. The norm in our house is RO water.

I used purified water is that ok?
Uhhhmmmm, what do you mean by purified water? Technically I suppose you can run swamp water past a UV bulb and call it purified. I wouldn't want the result in my house never mind my wine.

Reverse Osmosis, Spring, and Distilled water should all be 'purified' before sale. Ozone is usually used to purify water (ie kill the bacteria). Many systems use a UV light, some an ozone generator.

Uhhhmmmm, what do you mean by purified water?

label on the bottle said "Purified water" and all the bottles I see don't put how they did it. so by Purified water I mean Purified water.;)

Next to said Bottle was two other bottles with labels saying Distilled Water, and the other says Spring Water (although I doubt it is truly from a spring):)

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