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Oct 1, 2009
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I have some Elderberrys going in the primary,can I top off with some Elderberry extract or elderberry syrup that I have? Thanks Upper
I would not "top off" any wine still in the primary or secondary. You need some head space for the fermentation and degassing.
Thanks Tom,when I do need to top-up would the syrup deal work?Another thing when I made the extract some of the seeds burned right at first.You can smell it slightly in the extract.Would this smokey flavor be too much?Upper
Well the elderberry syrup I imagine would be the f-pac. That would be added after you rack from the secondary and after you degassed and stabilized with k-meta and sorbate. As far the smokey smell I will pass as I cant tell how much it will make a diference.
I bet Wade or others who have made this wine will jump in soon.
May or may not be off topic, but where in California did you get the elderberries?
They grow in the riverbottom to 7000 feet..In fact I just finnished ywo peanutbutter and Elderberry jelly sandwiches.mMMMm Upper
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Being from Northern Cal, I don't know what the riverbottom is, but I assume that means you picked them yourself. That is some dedication to the hobby. I tip my hat to you.
It would be like along the Russian river or the Sacramento river.I get most of mine in elevation,they are a little sweeter.The higher you are the sweeter they are.Kind of like a night out sippin the Eldo juice:D Upper
How did you find the spot? I'll have to plan a trip when they are in season. I'm dying to make some wine from them but haven't been able to find a source for fresh or frozen.

Are you competing with the birds? :p
Just the Quail,but the elderberry Cumberland sauce is delightfull over them at 350 for 20 minutes.............Upper
Hellow again,Ok I have two batches of Elderberry going.Both are right at 4 gallons each.The first batch is in a secondary 5 ga bucket W/ airlock.It started with a bubble every 6 sec,to one every 8 two days later.Second batch is 4 days behind the first,it is now in (2) 2-gallon pails (primary).I have a 5 gallon water bottle that I plan on racking the first batch into.This will leave me with about 1 gallon head space in my carboy.Question is,can or should I leave that much head space till the secong batch is ready to top off with up to the 5 gallon mark? Thanks for all comments........Upper