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Nov 12, 2009
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Can I safely top up with a frozen grape concentrate, such as Welches 100% juice, that you get in the grocery store?:? I don't see anything but juice and ascobic acid listed on it.
You really should top off with a similar wine. Even if you went and bought a box wine that's dry, not a sweet box wine. You probably could use the Welch's juice as long as you add Pot. Sorbate.

It would be much more helpful if you gave us what you are making, the s.g. and what you intend to make. Is this a kit, or juice?
It is one gallon of elderberry with raisons. It has been racked one time and is still fermenting. It actually did not end up needing to be topped up at this point,( had enough liquid). So I am going to revise my question, when going from the first fermentation to the second, what can you use, other than water or sugarwater? I have the most problems with my Cabernet and Lambrusco.
You would not want to add sugar water unless you have added sorbate and sulfate. Other wise it will just keep on fermenting. Using water can dilute the wine down depending on how much liquid you need to add. Topping off with wine avoids both these problems.

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