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Jan 24, 2009
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Iam curious what the proper way to add a bottle of wine to a carboy is, when you plan to bulk age it, now I realize you could be oxidizing your wine by pouring it in, or should you be siphoning it in? what is the proper technique?
I just pour it in - I've never worried about oxidation doing this.
I've only done this once, but I opened up the wine bottle and siphoned it in. I don't know that pouring it would hurt( I really don't, it may), but siphoning won't hurt. I figure I wouldn't pour my own wine into a carboy, so I won't pour the store bought wine either.
By now you should have added the k-meta. This would prevent it from oxidizing.
I have always poured mine in as well, but I was talking to a fellow that makes wine also, and he said he always siphons it in to eliminate possible oxidation, just curious what everyone does.
If I was adding a lot then I would siphon but if just a bottle then I would just pour down the side gently.

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