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Apr 3, 2016
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Solon OH
Hi, looking for an easy way to top barrels. I have about 34 barrels that are double-stacked.
Right now, I am using a "beer' pitcher to do it, and it is a pain. Looking for a SS watering can
or a topping straw? Any thoughts?
A buddy of mine uses a Korny keg. Put the topper wine in it and then uses inert gas to pressurize. Basically like a beer set up but with wine in it. He built a little roll around cart for it. Pretty slick and convenient.
Im attempting a small keg setup for topping barrels. I purchased a few small corny kegs with in/out ball locks. My question is how do you purge the headspace without blowing wine out of the pressure relief valve. Ive not tried this yet, but im assuming after sanitizing, I would fill my wine into keg through open top, close cap, slowly let in nitrogen or argon, open the prv valve, and repeat a few times. I’ve not had much experience with kegs and Im trying to avoid the mess because I’ve had wine bombs before for other reasons. Not fun to clean up (and in some cases requires repainting the walls). Thanks-
To ensure a keg is purged you can fill it full of sanitizer then use whatever your gas is to push it all out. Then siphon/pump in your wine/beer through the out post (via the dip tube). You'll need to work through the various fittings and whatnot but that's the general idea.

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