Topped off secondary..bubbling again??

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Oct 20, 2016
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Vinters blackberry juice..racked to 3gal carboy..topped off to bottom of neck with newmans own 100% concord no preservatives

Attached air lock..bubbling again

Oh yeah sg 1.075
eg .990 before racking
Might have waited too long??

Should i add campden tabs to stop second fermentation?? Or something else??
Did you add sorbate before adding the Newman's juice? If not your yeast is now fermenting the sugars in the juice.I would just let it go dry again.It will bring the abv a little higher depending on how much juice you added at top up
No sorbate..first non kit.

I was just happy that i remembered o top it off as i didnt with my first.

Prolly will rack again then..and when i do add sorbate and campden..or hold off on campden till right before bottling??

Thanks for the advice!!