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Jan 17, 2010
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First batch of wine ever...using Cellar Classic from RJ Spagnols. Cabernet Sauvignon. Day 14, Just racked wine to glass carboy from primary bucket. Topped off to within two inches of rubber bung then realized i had a 25 liter (6.5gallon) carboy instead of a 6 gallon carboy. So in other words, too much water by about a half gallon. Can i save it?
How much water did you add total?

When you transferred from primary how much liquid was in the bottom of primary?

Did the instructions say to top up at this point? My guess is that this is your first racking...if so, head space isn't an issue yet......topping up would occur after stabilizing and fining.

Do you have any smaller 1 gallon jugs or better bottles? Perhaps you could siphon off a half gallon or 1 gallon and replace it with some inexpensive cab sauv....

half gallon = 2.5 750ml bottles of wine

this wont solve your entire problem but will help
you need a still :) boil off the water :)


you've essentially altered the wine by about 8%...and you could try to correct by adding a like wine and then using a larger container the rest of the way might even like this version...watered down...true..but its your Taste that will matter

its not a problem unless you don't enjoy is if you dont

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