time to hold must before adding yeast

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I destemmed and crushed ~100 lbs of cabernet sauvignon into three fermenters, with airlocks and with 1 Campden tablet in each. I am holding them in a 55 degree basement without adding yeast. My thought is that some flavors may be developed w/o alcohol present. I plan to wait a week before adding yeast. Does this make sense? Is it safe to leave the must in these conditions for a week?
How big are the three fermenters. Normally its 1 Campden tablet per gallon. Id say all you are going to develop is bacteria. It is not normally safe to store fruit juice at the temp for that long. You are asking for lots of problems with this procedure. If the fermenters are more than 1 gallon get more Camden in to them now and in 24 hours pitch the yeast. If its not too late already.
I have to agree. Even at 55 degrees you can develop mold on the must. Bring the must temp up to at least mid 60's and add the yeast. If you are able to, you can store the must in a cold refrigerator, like 40 degrees F for a few days but 55 degrees is too warm to prevent mold and bacteria.