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personally, i don't think it's a very good value. almost all of those wines are widely available commercial varieties. so you're paying a ton of $ on shipping wines you can likely get down the street at any decent package store.

you might be more interested in something like the Bounty Hunter, which is a napa based establishment, they carry a ton of the stuff that is not distributed outside the winery, or outside the napa area. these are the sorts of things where it makes sense to order and ship - when you can't get it locally.
i find tho, when you start visiting alot of boutique wineries, many are excellent wines, just not commercially available, and joining their wine club benefits you in regular shipments and some winery/vineyard benefits too. this is how i get most of my wine now - direct from wineries i enjoy.
Isn't the Wall Street Journal for people with more money than brains???

For me $120 buys a very nice kit, say Ken Ridge Founders Series Cabernet Shiraz. ANd I get 30 bottled that I will probably enjoy.