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Apr 30, 2022
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Just got off the phone with blueberry lane farm. They are out of tart berries right now but Elliots and Darrows are supposed to be ready in a couple weeks.

To me thats where the flavor is, sweet blueberries are kind of bland in my opinion. Some varieties are way more bland than others though. Seems the bigger they are the less flavor they have. I think it happens to most fruit varieties that are bred toward production size. Think huge strawberries...

Elliots were bred on this farm. I used to work there and there are all kinds varieties with names like E-55 etc. E stands for Elliot and all the E- varieties were very interesting. I think the E-55s were the giant bushes. I always wanted to clone some because was told those E- varieties only existed on that farm. They are experimental hybrids and i think were an essential part of his breeding project to create the Elliot.

Does anyone else know about tart blueberries and how i may expect a wine to turn out from the tart ones?

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