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Sep 8, 2009
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i have an acid kit and after figuring out how to use it i spilled the sodium hydroxide solution, so i went to my lhbs and got some more, well the stuff that origionaly came with kit was .2n and my new bottle is .1n, do i use half the amount or twice the amount or what? im confused on what to do.:a1

thanks Bryan
It will require twice as much .1N as .2N NaOH for the same size sample.

It will require twice as much .1N as .2N NaOH for the same size sample.


so if it takes 6 cc of the original .2n to reach the point where the color dosent change anymore then it should be equvilent to 12 cc to reach same result , is this correct?
thanks Bryan
Yes, that's correct. In fact, you can use any normality of NaOH as long as you factor it into the following formula:

TA=(75 x mL of NaOH x N of NaOH)/mL of wine sample

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And you can easily test for the accuracy of your solution if you have a 1 liter measuring beaker at hand:

take 8 gram tartaric acid and dissolve that in 1 liter water.
You now have a solution with an acidity of 8.
You can do a test with that.

I did it all the time for accuracy tests on my series of acid testing with a titration kit:


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