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The Ferminator
Sep 2, 2013
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I've been taking a look at some of my favorite sweet red blends and it seems homewinery.com will carry one component of the blend but not the other.

Have any of you made a sweet red from concentrates?
How would just a plain sangiovese taste if I made it off dry? (probably around 1.015 or 1.02)

I do find that they have muscat and cabernet sauvignon so I suppose I could work up some kind of blend there, but I just don't know enough about grape wine to decide what would be good.
@Jericurl , I have tasted a chilled, sweet Lambrusco before at Olive Garden, in my earlier days of drinking wine. Homewinery has that concentrate. I haven't used it before so can't vouch, but in concept a sweet Lambrusco would work.
Jericurl, we like our Reds dry, but have a few new friends that like a sweet Red. So when bottling my last batch of Homewinery I took a gal of a Cab-Blueberry blend put it in a gal jug, Sorbated it & backsweetened to 1.015. It made a very nice sweet Red. May do this again with another blend. Roy
do a bench trial and then make a small batch of the desired dosage, say 2 bottles. let rest and then try in a month, that should provide the data you need to decide to do the rest.
A guy I know sweetens a lot of his wines to 1 to 2 brix, and they are nice wines. They are mostly what grows well here in Tennessee, Chambourcin, Cynthiana/Norton, Noiret etc.

A person might use 71B-1122, wich can metabolize 20 to 40 percent of malic, and sweeten also. I've wanted to do this experiment myself on some wines, but I haven't gotten to do it yet.

It's just a thought, Cheers!