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Aug 7, 2010
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how much sugar do you all add to muscadine wine or concord grape wine? or do you not add any at all?
Hey Bowen. Welcome aboard. You ought to move or re-thread your question on sugar into the beginners forum or the general category. This tends to be a bit of a dead end with most regular users.
1st you need to get a gravity reading. Then with the help of WineCalc you will know how much sugar to add.
NEVER add sugar blindly or add acid blen with out getting a hydrometer reading and doing a TA test for acid.
I agree with Tom.

Never follow a recipe... you can use it as a foundation, but always go by your readings (SG and TA)
Agree with above comments - the acid and sugar levels will vary every time. These amounts will need to be calculated using the tools mentioned by Tom.
Concord and Muscaidne wines can be handled two ways, either they can be made as all graoe wines and deal with the higher acidity with either cold stabilizayion or by the use of additives like Pot. carbonate or by diluting with water to get the acidity down and then add suagr back to get the needed sg.

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