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Apr 22, 2009
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I think I overdid it this time. I started with a SG at 1.12 2 weeks ago. I'm using red-star premiere cuvee yeast which is said to have a high tolerance to alcohol so I thought I would be fine. I took an SG reading on july 4th and got 1.015 and took another one today on the 8th which read 1.01.

It's down a little from the 4th, but what concerns me is there are not any more bubbles coming out of the airlock. I usually rack and add k-meta after 2 weeks. Any thoughts of what I should do?

Should I apply heat? Should I start another batch and dilute this one with water? Should I hold off from doing anything?

I'm planning on bulk aging for at least 6 months as I do with all my wine.

Thank you in advance,

I'd wait a bit. While it seems popular to rack wine to secondary before it finishes, this has only caused me problems when making mead.

YOu might even consider a very gentle stir to get things resuspended.

the airlock bubbling or not bubbling is a poor indicator of your hydrometer, but give it a week before you bother testing again.