Sterox cleaning ratio?

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Sep 14, 2016
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Hi everyone! Does anyone know the ratio of Sterox cleaning powder for tank cleaning and bottle cleaning? I don't see it anywhere on the bag? And can't find a definite Sterox to water ratio online.
Hi stickman thank you! Can you tell me what the % ratio would be? As in how much per gallon? Like is it 1 tbsp per gallon? Etc... appreciate the help
For general cleaning you would use about 3.5 to 4 Tablespoons per gallon of water, which will produce roughly 1.5% solution.
Great thanks so much! Last question.
Would this be considered a Sanitizer as well? Really appreciate your time :)
Even though it has sanitizing properties, it is formulated as a cleaner. It should be fully rinsed from equipment with clean water and followed by an acidic sanitizer rinse, or bare minimum, an acidic water rinse, such as a tablespoon citric acid per gallon of water.