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May 12, 2010
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I have a 16 liter kit in a primary fermenter and just received a 23 liter kit in a bucket/primary fermenter. I think I need to start this new batch in a day, so I will have two batches in two primary fermenters, but I only have one carboy.

I think I want to leave my first batch in the carboy for 2-3 months for aging purposes. Can I leave this second batch in the primary for that long before racking or do I need to buy a second carboy?

Also, this second batch came with just juice and yeast. It's a Cabernet/Merlot mix from Chile. Should I purchase some oak chips for this to refine and mellow?

So many questions and no wine to drink yet.


It sounds like your new one is not a kit, but rather juice. If it was a kit (in a sealed bag) you would be able to let it sit for a while. Yes, you need a second (and perhaps third) carboy. I would not let it sit in a primary for more than about 14 days at the outside. If you like oak, yes buy some. I think most Cab/Merlots are oaked.

True Dat

No, it's not a kit, just 23 liters of Chilean Cab/Merlot and a Lalvin yeast pack. I think I will pitch tomorrow and add some oak later. Any ideas on Malo Lactin? Should I?

It's all good.