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Jul 14, 2016
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I made a bit of a mistake last night when filtering my strawberry wine using my new Minijet pump setup. I ran 1gal of starsan solution through the Minijet first, then proceeded to run about 2 gallons of my wine through it, using a smaller container to catch the remaining starsan solution that came out first.
However, I think quite a bit of the starsan solution still made it into the wine.
How big a deal is this? Is it a safety issue for consumption? Is it purely aesthetic due to bubbles in the bottles?
Any way to remedy/mitigate this?
I had fallen in love with this batch of from-scratch strawberry wine aged three months with gorgeous coloring, bouquet and taste. Now I'm paranoid that I'm tasking something soapy!
As far as safety, its not an issue. The guy that invented it drank a glass during some talk he was doing to prove how safe it is.
At three months, you have plenty of time for that small amount of Star San to degrade and essentially dissappear from your wine. You are at least 3-6 months away (And several rackings) from when you should consider bottling it anyway.

I used sparkolloid to accelerate clarification, so yes, I was filtering with the intention to bottle afterward. Because of the sanitizer though, I filled two single-gallon jugs instead. So, if I just wait for a few months, the wine will recover from the Star San?
I bet if you leave it sit for a few months you will get more sediment to fall out as it is aging. Just my experience. Good luck with it, Arne.
IF a large amount of star san liquid got into your carboy the more troubling issue after enough time has past, is going to be how much you watered down the wine. Remember that star san as it ages out will turn water cloudy so you may very well get the same reaction in your wine.

Time is on your side,
yes it is,
yes it is.
Do you have an idea how many oz's got through? Is it just a 2 gallon batch? I'm sure it will be fine if you let it age long enough. :se
Starsan is not soap it is an acid, all it will do is increase the acid content of your wine and water it down.