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Aug 20, 2013
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This is my first time using a 100 liter ss variable capacity lid. I have 24 gallons of gewurztraminer in the tank. It is stored in my basement and the temperature on the dial is 63 degrees. I have noticed there has been liquid on the floor underneath. I can confirm the liquid is not wine, from tasting it. I. Can also confirm none of the seals are leaking as they are all dry. Is it just condensation? Is this normal? Any remedies other than putting a towel underneath? Thanks in advance.
I would think that would be normal for it to sweat like water pipes do with fluctuations in temperature
Does the "temp-on-the-dial" reflect tank/wine temp or room air temp?? With the weird weather across the nation as of late, warm/humid air pops up every now and again. As the temp of the wine in the tank will not change as quickly as the temp of surrounding air, even a slight increase of humidity will show up as condensation on the tank. If you're looking at any kind of long-term storage, you may want to consider some kind of insulating wrap to keep tank contents at a more stable temp and prevent condensation. In contrast to storage in oak barrels where temp and humidity changes are what enable a barrel to have its effect.
If this is a flat bottom tank sitting directly on the concrete floor and water is only on the bottom, it may be humidity passing through the concrete. If so, you might consider raising the tank off the floor slightly using a piece of wood, or dolly, which would also allow the tank to be moved easily.
I have wood spacers underneath about 3/4". The temp gauge is an internal wine temp. Their is some temp fluctuation when the furnace runs but I don't believe it is much cheaper more than a degree or two. Any suggestions on materials to wrap the tank with?
Condensation for sure. Except for occasional cleaning, it's not much to worry about. If it is a real pain, then get a dehumidifier like Greg said.
If it were condensation, would you not expect to see 'sweat' on the tank?
The condensation is in the floor and only possible thing it could come from is the thank where it is situated in the basement
The condensation is in the floor and only possible thing it could come from is the thank where it is situated in the basement

BUT WAIT!! Is that a little mouse with a squirt gun standing in the shadows laughing his tail off???? :)

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