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Jul 29, 2019
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Hi Everyone,

This is my first year of winemaking, and I am making Cabarnet Sauvignon from grapes in a 100 liter Stainless Steel "Sansone" Tank with a Variable Capacity Lid, I am now at 90 days did my second racking up to this point I was using a dry airlock, but since this is going to be a bulk storage, I took out the airlock and used a closed Speidel Cap instead, is it ok to use a closed sealed cap if not I can open the cap and insert a Speidel airlock at this stage, is it ok to use this airlock, doesn't this airlock increase the oxygen volume ? what type of fluid should I fill this airlock with ? If possible I would choose the cap since there is very little for oxygen to stay. but I feel like if I put an airlock it will create more room for the oxygen to fill, but the main question is does it still need an airlock after 90 days.

I am attaching my tank setup right now, also the Speidel airlock, and the level of the with looking from the cap.


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