Spices in Vegetable Wines

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Jun 14, 2009
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When making a wine from vegetables (onions, fennel, etc.), is it okay to add dry spices like paprika or black pepper?

I was also thinking about possibly adding some nuts. Will the oils spoil the wine?
The only spices I have ever added to a wine is cinnamon.

Remember that you will be making wine.
With that I am saying that a wine will not taste the same as the original ingredients taste. So an apple-wine will not exactly taste
like apples taste. The same goes here.

So if you are adding spices to get the flavor into the wine
it would be better to add them when the wine has finished fermenting. The alcohol will then extract more flavor.

Anu oil in the ingredients will start to flow atop and may be scooped away with a paper towel.

Nuts are very hard. So it is unlikely that they will give a lot of flavor to the wine.


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