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Jun 9, 2010
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OK, noob question here. I did a search for "sorbate" but didn't quite find the answer to my question. I apologize in advance as I'm sure this is a fairly common question.

Why wouldn't it be "normal" to add sorbate and finings after fermentation is complete and the wine is being racked the first time? Wouldn't this help to keep the wine safe during the racking period?

I know the answer must be obvious.:slp

I'm only asking because most of the information on using sorbate is that it is used after the wine is cleared as a step before bottling. What I haven't found out is, "why at the end"?
1st you do not need sorbate all the time. You would want to add to wines that you will sweeten or backsweeten. I have 6 carboys in MLF and I will not be adding it to these at all. Sorbate will hinder refermentation thats all.

Are you confusing sorbate with metabisulphite? It is completely normal to add sulphite after fermentation is complete. Also sulphite should be added at the same time as sorbate in most situations.

I can tell you the wine expert kits I've been making, you rack to secondary, wait a week, then degas, add finings and add sorbate/sulfites, then it sits until ready to bottle.

as stated sorbate isn't always used. i'm not aware of sulfites interfering with any common finings either.
Just remember to degas before adding any clearing agents.