someone check my math; weight of K-meta

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Dec 24, 2005
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I'm trying to make a sanitizer solution. It tells me 4tsp per 1/2 gal of water to sanitize.

I am switching from measuring by volume, instead to measuring by weight. So anyone know how much 4 tsp of K-meta should weigh? I'm using a very small precise scale.... oz's or grams...

I'll probably end up making a gallon of sanitizer.

One teaspoon equals a hair over 6 grams so 1 Tablespoon = a bit over 18 grams. You could alternatively take a level teaspoon full of k-meta and dump it on the scale platform and weigh it. Get your conversion once and use it in the future.
Part of the reason I don't calibrate the 1tsp level myself is because depending on the chemical, compaction, and other stuff will change how much 1 tsp weighs (part of the reason I'm going away from measuring by volume).

I know its a bit anal, but I'm type A, so it helps me to sleep at night. Thanks for the conversions to weight!

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