SkeeterPee @ .992, but still bubbling

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Feb 21, 2010
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Hi all,
On 4/23 I moved my skeeterpee to a secondary with SG 1.002.

It's now been at .992 for 4 days, but I'm still getting a bubble in the airlock every 30sec or so.

Is it still fermenting? I'm wondering if it might be CO2 coming out? It's been @ about 74F the entire time.

Should I try degassing and see if that stops it?

If the sg has been the same for 4 days then its just ecxess C02. That is one bone dry pee!
Yeah, I put in 10lbs of sugar to start with. I figured, might as well go for some lemon flavored rocket fuel while I'm at it. ;-)
You can let it degas on it's own or you can expedite it along using a variety of methods.

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