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Jan 19, 2010
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Hey All,
This is my first red kit and first WE. The instructions say 5-7 days before racking to secondary. It's day 3 and I'm at 1.010 SG which is what they say it should be in the 5-7 day timeframe.

I'll transfer tomorrow but I was wondering if the WE kits typically ferment faster than the instructions say?

Almost all kits ferment fatsre then stated. Temps will also play a big role in how fast a win e ferments.
I find they are usually quicker than they state now that I have a better hold on the temp. I usually let them go longer however. This is based on my personal time not where the wine is at!
Can't really answer this because I never check my fermenter until atleast day 5 but guess cause it winter and lower temps figure there's no need .Since they say 1.010 or lower I don't worry if I'm a couple days later racking it to carboy but wouldn't wait longer then that .
You say this is your first red kit. How many kits have you made? While temperature can make a big difference there is also the possibility that you have read the hydrometer incorrectly.

The hydrometer that came with my starter kit was very difficult to read properly.

Is it still fermenting actively? If there is still a lot of bubbling then I would leave it a few more days.
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slower fermentation completion

I started a batch of Pino Grigio from a kit and when I checked it on day 7, the sg was 1.03 , higher than the 1.01 target. However although the initial fermentation was quite vigourous, there is no sign of anything happening now.

Should I let it go a couple more days or rack it now?


I think the 1.010 reading is just to give you an idea what should be happening. From what I've been reading the yeast go through two stages. The first stage is the "bubbly" stage. They are making lots of copies of themselves, consuming sugar and oxygen, making CO2 and alcohol.

The bubbly stage will slow down, usually somewhere between the 1.000 and 1.010 SG reading. At that stage you want to move your wine from the air-rich environment of your primary fermenter to an air-free carboy environment. The yeast life cycle changes from making more yeast to dying off and making that last bit of alcohol.

I find my W.E kits so far get to the 1.000 - 1.010 stage quickly, and the bubbling is slowing, within 3-4 days. But it takes a lot longer than they say to get to the 0.996 stage. I'm still learning but the experts here say 0.996 isn't a magic number either, what you are really looking for is the gravity isn't changing at all. That tells you all the yeast are basically dead and it's time to start de-gassing and clarifying.

The experts here may have to fix what I've written above, but this is my understanding so far.....

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