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Aug 29, 2016
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I had just racked a nice SLD Merlot out of my secondary into another 6 gal carboy. Still have a fair amount of gas so I figured I would degas a bit using the cork with just a vacuum tube and another hole, using my finger over the hole to modulate the vacuum. I sanitized everything good with some Star San spray. It was working good and I just looked away for a second and THUMP!, the old egg in the milk bottle trick. I thought about how to get it out and think I am out of luck. I hate to waste a good carboy but think long term bulk aging on gum rubber might not be the flavor profile I am seeking. Any ideas?? :ib
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Rack it into another carboy. Turn carboy upside down and shake until the small end is Facing the hole, take a coat hanger bent with a hook and run it through the hole and pull it out..n
I'll try that. That stopper was only half in the hole until I applied the vacuum. Never thought it would collapse that much.

Thanks, guys.
As John says the plastic bag trick really does work, especially if you wet it and the mouth of the carboy with wet oxiclean. There are some YouTube videos on the plastic bag trick. Takes just a few seconds to do it. I've been there.
Here is a youtube video on hoe to remove a cork from inside a wine bottle. Just use the same principle with a carboy


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