Rose Petal and Nasturtium flower wine

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Sep 27, 2009
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By request,

About 2 qt of rose petals (mostly white with some pink/purple)
About 2 qt of Nasturtium petals
2- 2.5 lbs of sugar
Boiled water dumped over it let sit over night
1 cup of Lychee Black tea
1/3rd cup golden rains chopped up
Champagne yeast
1 crushed vitamin C 1000mg tablet

This was one of my first wines, and I really didn't know what I was doing. I have no idea on SG or ABV. I think I had it in mind that the Vit C would work like acid blend and apart from the raisins no nutrients what so ever. The only sulfite I used was before bottling.

The rose petals were from a friends yard and they smelled great but were mostly white. The wine ended up with a beautiful rose color from nasturtiums. The taste I had its peppery and pungent (smelly) nasturtium flavor had eased off a bit. There was a slight rose aroma but not rose flavor at bottling.

It was a gallon batch, so with only five bottles I want to make it last till the 1 year mark which most flower wine are said to need. I'm five months in now and may try at the six month mark. I'll let you know how it tastes.
At 10 months old I tried the bottle. It tasted good, a little more time in the bottle will help. It was a little flat and I believe the addition of acid blend would have helped. There was a peppery hint from the nasturtium and a slightly sweet finish.
Thanks for this - my nasturtiums and roses are the only things doing anything in my garden this year and I am going to go ahead and try a similar wine!
I would probably skew the ratio from 50/50 to 40 nasturtium/ 60 rose. That should tone down some of the nasturtium pungency.

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