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Oct 18, 2009
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I just transferred into secondary 6-gal carboy and a foam cap has formed on top of the fermenting juice. Is this normal?
What was the specific gravity when you just transferred the wine? The cap is probably carbon dioxide coming out of the wine given off by the yeast.
You may have some yeast still working but mostly it's the C.D. That will slow soon. You did add some Pot. Meta when you racked it?

Watch it doesn't get up into the airlock. If it does remove the airlock, clean it good. Take a clean towell, mist it with K-meta and carefully wipe the inside of the carboy with your finger being careful not to touch the wine. Then replace the airlock.

My tropical breeze was bubbling away for a couple of days but it's now settling down.
i wouldnt be adding k-meta if hes racking to secondary ferment at 1010. yeast is most definitely still working and is the cause of the foam cap. that may diminish over the next days or so.. racking stirred up the yeast and got it suspended again which is good.

It sounds like you have just racked your wine from primary to carboy to complete the fermentation. The yeast will continue to eat the remaining sugar until it is all gone. I find that sometimes racking wakes of some of the yeast, and fermentation 'speeds' up, ie the wine starts to foam. It could also be the release of CO2 from the activity of racking, depending on the current temperature.

So, yes, I feel that it is normal.