Residual Carbonation while bottling

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Aug 10, 2014
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I made 2 x 5 gallon batches of Dragon Blood.

Fermented it dry. (Well currently it sits at 1.002 for a month)

Racked it from bucket to carboy to carboy to carboy and degassed everytime.

Also added metabisulfate and sorbate.

I chose not to backsweeten.

I have been filing bottles from the carboys with a winethief (a few at a time for nightly drinking) and then just adding a tablespoon of sugar and shaking it up.

I have found a considerable amount of pressure release when i remove my thumb after shaking it up to mix in the sugar.

Does this mean I should degas yet again and again before bottling?

Could this lead to bottle rockets with corks flying out?
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If you degassed, then probably not. Even if you bottle them, open a year later and shake them hard after opening they will still spit/spiff/spray/hiss. :h

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