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Sep 29, 2009
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Does anyone have a yeast recommendation for a refractometer reading over 30 brix straight from the grape on old vine zin
If you dont mind me asking what are the rest of the numbers on the must?
Thank you for replying...the measurements we took were straight from the grape, we are having them delivered and to start the crush this weekend. We have a neighboring winemaker refer this crop to us, but warned of the high sugar content. The grapes do no appear to be over ripe, our concern was controlling the sugar...we took for a given the alchol may be high. We typically use Lalvin but were recommended to try Vintener's Choice Zin. This will be a substantial inventment for use and wanted a second opinion.
What kind of grape we talking about? 30 Brix is HIGH. Thats around 17%. Depending on the grape the high alcohol make overpower the grape.
Give us more info.
With that high of a brix reading you can have a hard time trying to get yeast to finish the fermentation completely. Besides that I'd have a hard time thinking that the ph is in a good range with the brix reading you have too.

This is just my opinion,but I'd draw off some juice right after crush to make into a rose'. Then I'd add water back to get the brix down to 26-27º brix. Add tartaric acid to get the ph down to 3.6 and then ferment with a yeast you've used before and/or one that the maker says can handle that high of a brix reading. I think that will still make a big wine even at that reduced brix range I gave there.

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