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Jan 4, 2009
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Hello, I would like to extend a large THANKS to Wade e and cpfan for all of their help on my first 5 gal. carbo of apple. I can now say that it is on the road to bottling. I guess I never rally introduced myself properly as I was a bit flustered? with the possability of losing all that wine. there is a few good things ive learned in the last few weeks thanks again folks be talkin soon as I have also started a 5 gal. of zin from suncal juice
drink up, dave
You're welcome Dave.

Good luck with that Suncal. I have seen some comments that indicate that the instructions are poor. You may wish to read some of the other manufacturer's online instructions to see if that helps. Don't forget to ask if anything seems unclear. However, I retain the right to not understand the Suncal instructions.

Glad you are happy with it! Never did a Suncal myself but Im sure we can get through it fine.

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