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Jo G

Nov 11, 2009
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I started making my first wine a few months ago. I racked off two demijohns last weekend. These demijohns have another 4 months before bottling is due. For these two demijohns the air lock is no longer releasing gas - I appear to have stopped fermentation by racking off. What should I do?
Hello JoG and welcome to the forum,

Can you please advise your recipe details and your methodology up until your racking point, so we can have a look?

It'll just give us some background and we'll be better able to give you a hand.


Knowing the specific gravity and temperature would help a lot.

1. airlock activity is not a good indication of fermentation
2. you should be racking from primary when fermentation is almost done, thus you'd have little activity to see in the airlock if we ignore comment #1.
3. your wine is fine :)
More details

I started making my wine at the beginning of October this year. I keep it in my kitchen which is probably about 17 degrees during the day and somewhat colder at night. I racked off two of them last weekend because they had a lot of sediment at the bottom. Until I racked off they were bubbling fairly fast.
I have made sloe wine from the recipe on brew-magic website (I can’t post the url) - I just measured its specific gravity and it is 1.002.
I have made damson wine using the recipe on the ralpharama website - Method 2 – I have just measured the specific gravity as 1.03
I used a simple siphon with a widget on the bottom to stop you taking off the last centimetre – I siphoned them straight into a clean demijohn and replaced the airlock.
Any advice gratefully received.

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