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Jan 23, 2010
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The wine kit listed below Vino del Vida. Started on 1-23-10 racket to carboy on 2-2-10 added everything from the kit. On day 2-20-10 was the 28th day that the kit said to rack to primary and bottle. But im aging this wine, so it has been in the carboy. My question is, am I ok in just leaving it there, or should I rack it to the primary, clean out the carboy, and re-rack it back there to age? Thanks John
you can leave it...just monitor sulfite every three-4 months.....the only other thing to ask you is...about the amount of lees.....this is a personal decision as to whether you fine them valuable or not.....that is stylistic

but i am all for the aging of wine whenever practical and time permits
Thanks AL, I really dont want to mess with it, I just want to let it be, and add sulfite down the road.
as long as there is co2 in there then you are safe....w/o sulfite and kept under a vigilantly protected airlock then you wine should be safe for a yr...after that its luck

if you do tastings and open teh airlock every so often then you run the risk of needing sulfite during that first yr

your chance/your choice
If you have not added any sulfite then I say do it now to be safe! If it has a lot of lees trasferred from the primary then Id rack it off those lees and sulfite and then let the aging begin. A small amount of lees from secondary can compliment mothfeel and body in your wine but excess primary lees can spoil your wine.
I did add the sulfite when I racked it alone with the other stuff that came with the kit. How does this sound. Ill let it be untill the 3 month mark comes up, then ill rack it and add 1/4 teaspoon of sulfite and let it age? Thanks guys. P.S. Wade, If your into american idol, I belive there is a girl on there from middlebury ct.

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