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Nov 11, 2009
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I have an Cellar Craft Old Vine Zin in the primary now, on at its 8th day. The SG is at 1.010. The instructions direct to rack when the gravity is down to 1.000. I don't want to rack it too soon, but I don't want off-flavors from being too long in the primary. Should I rack it now or wait a few days?
Follow the instructions and wait. RJS kits have you ferment to dry in primary. Thats actually the way I do most of my wines except white and light fruit wines in which I rack around 1.010.
Thanks. I suspect fermentation is a little slow because it doesn't get above 68 degrees.
Yeah, that will do it, you should get a Brew belt to help that situation.
Will a brewbelt help much with a plastic fermenter? Is there anything I can do in the interim, maybe pitch more yeast? Airlock activity is nil at this point.
The Brew Belt works well on glass or plastic. It states that you should not use on glass but Ive been doing so for about 6 years now all winter long. Just dont put 1 on a cold carboy, like 1 that is 40* from outside or something as that severe temp diff would probabl cause it to crack.
Update: I checked the gravity last night and it was just under 1.000. Amazing to see such progress over only two days; it even tasted better (still pretty harsh, though). Racked to the carboy, topped up with some bottled Zinfandel, and airlocked. This morning, the airlock was bubbling away. Some wine made its way into the airlock, so I subbed it for my blowoff system. When it calms down, the airlock will go back on.

Thanks for the advice.

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