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Jan 24, 2009
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I would like to try and make wine from concentrated juice, now this is the first time I have ever tried to make wine from juice. I have made a few wine kits that turned out good, so my question is if it has ascorbic acid, in it can you use it, will it ferment? the concentrated juice is a blend of grape, cranberry, apple, and raspberry, juice it was on sale at the store, has anyone out there got a recipie for this type of wine?
Hey Fuzz, I've made several batches using the frozen concentrates. Heres what I have going now. Use 3 cans to make a gallon.

I used Dole 100% juice froze concentrate.(read the ingredients on the cans. You want 100% juice, abscorbic/citricacid is okay, be sure it doesn't list any sorbate or preservatives, sulphite, etc.)

4 cans Pine/Orange/Mango
3 cans Pine/Orange?Banana
3 cans Pine/orange/strawberry

That made about 3.25 gallons or so.

6 cups gran sugar
1/4 tsp k-meta
2 tsp Pectin Enzyme
1/4 teaspoon yeast energizer

It is in a fermenting bucket. I stired the hell out of it and let it sit about 14 hours. SG 1.090

I pitched one sachet of Premier Cuvee, rehydrated. And it took off like a rocket. I have the lid just resting on the bucket. On day two it was going so good when I peaked in on it it was rolling damn near like boiling water. This should be a good one!

I like using the concentrates for now, may take the plunge and try a kit, but for now these concentrates are affordable. The juice I used were $2/ can, but you can usually get them a little cheaper. This is the third time I've used this Premier Cuvee, I know very little about different yeasts but this Premier rocks!

Good luck, keep us posted

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Hey arcticsid thanks for the response I want to make 1 gallon for my first batch, just in case I have to pour it down the drain. I was terrible in my chemistry class, so if it turns out I can keep notes, and always make a bigger batch next time, so I should add one can, or two cans, to make one gallon, and is water added to make up the difference, or is the whole one gallon all juice?
sorry arcticsid I got my numbers confused what I should of asked was to use 3 cans of juice or four cans to make one gallon
I always used 3, add enough water to make a gallon. I've heard some in here mention using 4/gallon, but I've always just used 3. Remember the sugar is going to take up some volume.
Troy When do you take your SG test right after you stirred it all togrther, or after you let it sit for 14 hours
Personnally I test it before it rests to get the SG where I want and then I can add more sugar if necessary. The sugar content isn't going to change after resting, it'll only begin changing after it begins to ferment.
Troy as I am not familiar with making wine from scratch what do you expect the alchol content to be on this recipie?
Starting Sg of 1.090 is a potential alcohol of 13%. The recipe i mentioned above has came down to 1.000 so I should get all of 13% from it.
I typically figure that a yeast will fizzle out at approx. .996 so the abv will be more like 12.3% and thats a very respectable abv and will last on your shelf for years.

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