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Nov 6, 2006
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Here is a question of the day. The answer will be given tomorrow.

Wine Quiz Question

Which of the following lists contain grapevine rootstock names?

A. Salt Creek, Mdb 12-07, 44-53 Malegue, Couderc 3309
B. Mgt 420, Salt Creek, AxR-1, PN 667
C. Schwartzman, Kloeckera, Mgt 101-14, SO2
D. Riparia Gloire, SO 4, Mgt 101-14, Couderc 3309
E. All of the above
OK Here's the answer !

Wine Quiz Answer: D. Riparia Gloire, SO 4, Mgt 101-14, Couderc 3309

Grapevines are often grown on rootstock. Properly selected rootstock for an area can facilitate disease prevention (like phyloxera), and may bring on earlier ripening, and may compensate for overly wet or dry soil, and other positive effects.
Actually A,C and D contain names of rootstocks.That is why I chose E,Which is the Best answer to your question.I write tests for a living,but know nothing about wine rootstocks:D.Upper
The better question is... which part of those answers 'is' the rootstock info :)
Down here in Florida citrus uses the same technic. Root stock may be from something that has be developed over time with years of testing or something as simple as sour orange. And yes, it's so sour you can't drink the juice or eat the fruit!

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