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Aug 29, 2009
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Hi how is everyone today! I'm attempting 2 make watermelon,my first time at this flavor so far everything is going good! My question is.... its time for my first rack in which i will be using a glass carboy with a bubblier anyway it is very easy to see the pulp (I was suprised i thought this would be a red colored wine but i'm thinking probly white maybe blush) should i try to separate this pulp during my first rack or should i wait till the 2nd and 3rd 2 worry about it. not sure as this is the first time Ive used a juicer 2 make a must...always had to use a straining bag to remove chunks of fruit for the first rack. any help on this would be great thanks!

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During your first racking leave as much pulp behind as possible. It's already contributed all the juice it's going to and if carried forward may contribute to the formation of H2S (rotten egg smell). Even after racking, if you begin to smell H2S add a yeast nutirent which you should have already done by now anyway.

I agree that you should remove the fruit pieces. In the past I have used a strainer on top of a large funnel to filter into the carboy, which works great (you have to be pretty coordinated unless you have a helper).

Now I use the big painter bags to keep the pulp separate in the primary....
Before adding any utrient please tell us what SG you have as this might already be done fermenting. A watermelon would end up as a Rose.

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